Women’s SAS


San Antonio Shoemakers™  started in 1976 by two friends, Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden. They are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, where they are still made today. SAS has two factories in Texas: San Antonio (est. 1976) and Del Rio (est. 1985). SAS recently partnered with a family-owned Italian company to design and manufacture a quality dress shoe in conjunction with SAS master shoemakers.Their main focus in making all their shoes is: quality and craftsmanship. SAS uses the finest leather and quality materials. SAS shoes are designed with an innovative comfort system for all-day wear. Wide variety of sizes and widths: 88 for women, 104 for men. They offer more styles and colors to offer than in the past also including a leather handbag collection.

Browse some of our selection of San Antonio Shoemaker’s shoes below, or visit our Long Beach location for measurement, fitting, and one-on-one help finding the best fit. Call ShoesRx at (562) 425-1426.

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