Men’s Samuel Hubbard

Samuel Hubbard Shoes began in Rochester, New Hampshire in 1930 with the Hubbard Shoe Company. Instead of rushing out new looks every six months, Samuel Hubbard shoes focus on premium quality and comfort. That’s why you’ll find uncompromising comfort and construction in every pair of Men’s Samuel Hubbard Shoes at Made with soft leather uppers in smooth or nubuck finishes are durable and fashionable. Fully glove leather-lined all the way to the toe. Samuel Hubbard is ‘hung’. Triple-density Hubbard insoles cushion your forefoot with memory foam and a vag-tanned leather top layer that wicks perspiration away and feels “silky” underfoot. Insoles are easily removeable for those that wish to use their own orthotics. A lightweight Kevlar shank provides arch support. A fiber-reinforced heel counter and a cupped heel insole provide lateral heel support. Construction designed for ease of resoling with new Vibram® soles. Vibram Morflex provides terrific shock absorption and will put some spring in your stride–and Samuel Hubbard shoes are 30% lighter weight than many other resole-able shoes.

Browse some of our selection of Samuel Hubbard shoes below, or visit our Long Beach location for measurement, fitting, and one-on-one help finding the best fit. Call ShoesRx at (562) 425-1426.

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