Foot Problems that Cause Pain

Do you feel you experience pain in your feet throughout the day?

You may suffer from a variety of common foot conditions that cause pain. Take a look at the list below to learn more about these common foot conditions as well as what you can do to ease the pain and correct your feet.

While some foot conditions can be remedied with corrective shoes, others require medical attention and therapy.

Foot problems that cause pain | ShoesRx

High Arched Feet  ( Women's Shoes )

A Cavus foot, also called high-arched foot, and high instep foot, is a foot condition in which the arch, is raised higher than normal. Some symptoms of a high arch foot are pain and instability, this can be developed at any age and it can occur in one or both feet, it can lead to other foot conditions as the foot tries to compensate and keep stability, some of them are hammer toes, and calluses.


Ankle Valgus ( Ankle Rolls Inward )

Ankle Valgus is a foot condition in which your ankles roll inward. This is caused by unstable ankles and often impacts the stability of your body. You can purchase corrective shoes to add support to your ankles if you experience this problem, which could help prevent accidents in the future.


Pes Planus ( Flat Feet )

Correctly designed shoes will make the low-arched foot more comfortable. This foot is more flaccid and requires more control from the shoe. We offer shoes specifically designed for this problem, giving excellent motion control.



Pes Cavus (High arched feet)

A high arched foot requires therapeutic footwear. A long medical counter provides support and stability. Our selected styles will accommodate a high-arched foot well; although other shoes with a modified insert or orthotic are also beneficial for this problem.


Ankle Varus ( Ankle Rolls Outward )

Ankle Varus is a foot condition in which there is an ankle instability and the foot rolls outward. This is highly dangerous as it compromises stability and can cause falling and ankle sprains. Some of these foot conditions have been caused by a poorly healed break, a trauma or poor posture.




Bunions require footwear with a wide and deep tow box to accommodate the affected joint. Our footwear has added depth, large forefoot capacity and soft yielding uppers.



Accommodative inserts to reduce pressure will allow most calluses to lessen and sometimes disappear. Our shoes offer moldable and cushion inserts accommodate this condition.



Diabetic foot problems arise from poor circulation that causes hyposensitivity (lack of feeling). Our footwear offers an extra depth and broad toe box, which is ideal to help circulation in the foot. We also offer shoes that accommodate prescribed orthotics, which may also help Diabetics.



Shoes with wide toe boxes and metatarsal lifts help the pain of hammertoes. Our footwear with high toe boxes, removable cushion inserts, and soft leather uppers benefit this condition.



Morton's Neuroma

Morton's neuroma is a condition that creates intense pain in the ball of the foot. Our footwear offers rounded or oblique toe characters, which prevents the toes from becoming cramped and helps keep the metatarsal bones in balance.



Plantar Fasciitis

Pain in the arch area is a symptom of Plantar Fasciitis, which can be managed by Orthotics and proper footwear. We offer shoes that accommodate prescribed orthotics, which help relieve the pain of Plantar Fasciitis.


Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis is a foot condition caused by lack of flexibility, in which the large tendon in the back of the foot is inflamed or irritated. When put enough continuous long term stress the tendon tightens and causing even more strain on the muscle.

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