Things to Look for in a Running Shoe

If you are a runner, or someone who works out often, it is important to have the right running shoes. You will notice a huge different between good running shoes and average running shoes. The amount of support and comfort that they provide make you feel as though you are running on a cloud.

In addition to comfort, having good shoes will protect your feet from future pain caused from wearing bad shoes. If worn long enough, bad shoes can cause foot pains so severe that you will have to go to the doctor to get it treated. An article on discusses the 7 things that you should be looking for when purchasing running shoes.

First you want to make sure that you have enough toe space. The article further explains that your feet swell when you run, therefore you will need extra space for your feet to expand.

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Orthopedic Shoes Should be in Everyone’s Closet

The first thought that usually comes to mind when someone says orthopedic shoes are unappealingly clunky. What many people don’t realize is that orthopedic shoes have come a long way when it comes to looks.

There are many shoe brands that are focused on creating orthopedic shoes that fit in with fashion trends. For example Pikolinos, or Beautifeel, are two brands that design shoes that are visually appealing yet extremely comfortable. You would never guess that the shoes from these designers were orthopedic just by looking at them.

So what is so important about wearing orthopedic shoes? According to Keely Hyslop’s article on, orthopedic shoes prevent foot pain. Regular shoes make it difficult for your feet to function properly due to the lack of support. While it might not seem that bad at first, as time goes on you may begin to notice permanent foot damage caused by your shoes.

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Pikolinos Provides Shoes with Style and Comfort

If you were shopping in a mall and walked by a window displaying a pair of Pikolinos, they would most likely catch your attention. The style, comfort, and quality are what makes Pikolinos shoes so perfect.

There are so many shoe brands that are visually stunning, but they kill your feet. While other shoe brands only aim for comfort making the style unappealing. That is why Pikolinos shoes are so unique, they provide the look that you want in a shoe with the comfort to avoid foot pain.

Here is what makes Pikolinos the perfect shoe brand:


When it comes to shoes people become obsessed. They have to have every style shoe in every color. Pikolinos creates shoes that each have their own unique look. They will catch your eye in a window display because you most likely have never seen shoes like them before and are wondering why they are not in your closet. Mid high boots to high top sneakers, They have many different shoe types to choose from.

If you are looking for a nice pair of shoes that look amazing and don’t kill your feet, Pikolinos shoes are your best bet.


It is important to make sure that the shoes you are wearing provide the proper support so that you will not have to deal with foot pain in the future. Pikolinos pays close attention when creating each shoe to ensure maximum comfort. Shoes that don’t have support can damage your feet over time. They can cause things like plantar fasciitis which creates a shooting pain down the middle of your foot.

To ensure that your feet stay pain free look into getting a pair, or 5, of Pikolinos. Your feet won’t only feel great, but they will look great as well.


The reason people spend good money on shoes is so that they will last them for years. That is why Pikolinos is so proud of the quality that they provide in their shoes. Leather being the primary material used, these shoes are extremely durable.

For a pair of high quality shoes that will last you a lifetime, check out the various options that Pikolinos provides.

The majority of people would rather wear a pair of shoes that look appealing but are uncomfortable, than wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable yet unappealing. That is why it is important to find a shoe that has both! Pikolinos makes sure that each and every shoe that they design incorporates comfort as much as style. These shoes will keep your feet feeling and looking great for years to come.

Diabetic Foot Problems

Diabetes is a syndrome in which the basic defect is absence or lack of the pancreatic hormone insulin. Diabetes is usually generic although patterns can be illusive. This deficiency disrupts the vascular system, thus affecting eyes, kidneys, legs, and feet. Other contributing factors include diet, weight, lack of exercise and smoking.

Diabetic foot problems arise from a series of circumstances, however, two factors are predominate: peripheral vascular disease and peripheral neoropathy. Poor circulation directly affects hypo-sensitivity (lack of feeling), thus heightening awareness in ulcers, gangrene and amputation.
With neuropahty, charcot joints, multiple fractures and deformities occur. With such possible debilitating complications, proper foot care and footwear take on a heightened importance.

Clinical studies have shown that footwear and doctor prescribed orthotics plan an important part in diabetic foot care, limiting potential ulcer complications and diminishing the chance of amputation. Shoes designed with an enlarged toe box, a wide shank/lasting board area -to accommodate swelling- and long medial counter for rear foot stability provide extra support and balance provide the necessities in normal maintenance for foot health.
Doctors often prescribe orthotics to reduce and redistribute pressure and pressure points. These specially designed inserts work exceptionally well with shoes designed with removable inserts and extra inside capacity (extra depth) to accommodate custom orthotics.

1. Check feet daily for abrasions, blisters, cuts and scratches. Don’t forget to inspect between the toes.
2. Cold feet? Wear socks to prevent diminished circulation.
3. Do not walk barefoot.
4. No chemical agents applied to feet for corns and/or calluses. No strong chemical agents on the feet i.e. alcohol.
5. No adhesive tape.
6. For dry feet use baby oil. No creams, especially between the toes.
7. Wear full fitting socks/stockings. No binding socks/stockings, as this constricts blood flow.
8. Daily inspect your feet. You want proper circulation and temperature.

Stylish Orthopedic Shoes: How to Find Them

As we get older, our bodies get more and more affected by the shoes that we wear. When you are young you can wear almost any shoe, and suffer through the pain. As a middle aged adult, shoes that don’t have the proper support can cause permanent damage to your body.

That is why it is important to have orthopedic shoes. They will ensure that your feet are being properly supported so that you will be able to walk anywhere you want without having to worry about the damage that your shoes could be causing.

The reason many people look down on orthopedic shoes is because they don’t like they way they look. There are many shoe brands that are producing orthopedic shoes that are actually stylish. For example BeautiFeel creates eye catching shoe designs that will provided the needed comfort for your feet.

Deborah L. Jacobs’s article on explains that their are certain features that you should look for in your shoes. These features will ensure that the look and feel of the shoe will match your expectations and desires.

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Comfortable Mens Shoes: The Best Men’s Dress Shoe Brands

As a Man, it can be extremely difficult to find a pair of dress shoes that don’t kill your feet by the end of the night. Certain Men’s dress shoe brands provide the support and comfort needed to ensure a pain free evening.

Justin Jeffers’s article on explains the importance of spending money on a good pair of dress shoes. Justin further explains that people will go through multiple pairs of average dress shoes in the time that it would take to need replacement of a top brand dress shoe. Even though these top brands may charge more for their shoes, the durability that they provide will save you money in the long run.

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Foot Pain: What is Causing It?

There are many different conditions that can cause foot pain. One thing that they all have in common is the relief that a supportive shoe provides. If you are having any pain in your feet getting a new pair of shoes that have the proper support and that fit your feet correctly can help to alleviate some of that pain.

What are the conditions that cause these foot pains? Dr. Dennis Ogiela wrote an article on that discusses various foot pains and how to treat them. The first foot pain Dr. Dennis Ogiela lists is heel spurs. He further explains that heel spurs are a bone growth on the bottom of the heel.  Over stretching of the plantar fascia causes stress and inflammation. Bone spurs are the extra bone that the body grows over time due to the stress of the plantar fascia.

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The Best Walking Shoes

It can be hard enough to motivate yourself to get out of the house and go for a walk or run. Having bad running shoes just gives you another excuse to not workout.

What most people don’t realize is how much they are missing out on by not buying good running shoes! Most people do not like to go running or walking because they dread the aches and pains caused by their shoes. If you have good walking, or running, shoe you will be able to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery without having the pains in your feet to distract you.

One great shoe brand, according to Michael Kraus’s article on, is New Balance. The article further explains that New Balance has the perfect amount of support in their shoes.

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Shoes That are Cute and Comfortable

Shoes That are Cute and Comfortable A shoe finishes off an outfit, therefore it is important that the style of your shoe complements the style of your wardrobe. In addition to the look, it is also important to make sure that your shoes are comfortable. They always say beauty is pain, but why be in pain when you can look just as good with a pair of shoes that you can actually walk around in without any discomfort?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find shoe brands that will pass the test when it comes to style and comfort. Birkenstock is a shoe brand that is making its way into everybody’s home. Their sandals have been becoming more and more popular in the last few years due to the comfort as well as look that they provide. Birkenstock’s are also known to last a really long time so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Another great shoe brand is Dansko. Dansko makes shoes that are extremely fashionable, yet they are still comfortable. They are even made with a slight to large heel, depending on how much height you want from the shoe. These shoes are on the nicer side so you can wear them to an evening out.

Maitland Quitmeyer wrote an article on about 19 cute shoe brands that are comfortable, including Dansko. Click here to see what other shoe brands Maitland suggests.

Comfortable Shoe Brands: The Importance of Wearing Comfortable Shoes

For the health of your feet and overall body, it is important to where shoes that are comfortable. People who are care takers, who work in the service industry, or who have a job that requires them to be on their feet throughout the day should pay extra close attention to the shoes that they are wearing at work.

It can be difficult to decipher comfortable shoe brands from all the other shoe brands. In order to find the best shoe brand for your feet you will want to take the time to try on different brands. An article on explains the most accurate way to try on shoes. The first tip listed in the article is to try shoes on in the afternoon. The article further explains that your feet swell throughout the day, therefor trying shoes on in the afternoon will ensure that you will get a more accurate fit.

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