Women’s Fidelio

FIDELIO has one goal to produce comfortable, fashionable footwear that inspires the wearer daily and brings pure luck to their feet. Their recipe to for success includes eco-certified, anatomically formed removable footbeds, excellent fit, broken lasts and a multi- width system. Trust has a particularly high priority by FIDELIO.  FIDELIO derives from the Latin word fidelis, which can be translated as being faithful and reliable. Reliability creates confidence. FIDELIO footwear is designed in Austria and is a European quality product. Before entering into a partnership with their suppliers, we examine them carefully. We only accept suppliers, who follow environmental guidelines and have the relevant quality certificates. Whenever possible we buy in our region – and the heart of our footwear, the removable footbed, comes from Upper Austria. According to the principle of “depending upon the footbed, so goes one” their footbeds ensure fatigue-free walking every day.

Browse some of our selection of Fidelio shoes below, or visit our Long Beach location for measurement, fitting, and one-on-one help finding the best fit. Call ShoesRx at (562) 425-1426.

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