Men’s Allen Edmonds


Established in 1922, the Allen Edmonds company provides a collection of hand-crafted shoes featuring the same timeless styles and quality materials you might find in Italy. Allen Edmonds is an American shoe company producing their line of shoes right here in the United States. These shoes are hand crafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin using the same manufacturing process since they opened their doors. Each of Allen Edmonds’ shoes can be re crafted by the company which ads extreme longevity to each one of these wonderfully made shoes. On any given day if you walk into our storefront each one of our employees will usually be wearing one of these extraordinary shoes.

Browse some of our selection of Allen Edmonds shoes below, or visit our Long Beach location for measurement, fitting, and one-on-one help finding the best fit. Call ShoesRx at (562) 425-1426.

Popular Allen Edmonds Shoes


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