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About Our Family

Lewis Bodell started BODELL’S SHOES in March 1959. Our store is family owned and operated  since our founding. Currently, Richard Bodell has taken over his family’s business, where he has worked for over thirty (30) years.

For over fifty-eight-years (58), we have kept the same strategy : Provide and sell quality shoes with sizes and widths for maximum comfort and fit. We have never wavered from this concept and fifty-eight-years (58) years of success is our foundation. Our staff are shoe people that know, most of all,  our customer and our product. So, we can answer any question about what is best for each individual customer with our training and experience.

What We Can Do for You

We provide old fashion customer service, informed advice, and quality product. Our salesmen know who is not being served  among consumers; and what we can provide to you. We offer comfortable shoes for all varieties of people and feet. Whether you work in a restaurant, hospital or have a problem foot, we carry quality comfort shoes for you.

Indeed, we truly understand the under-served consumer and know the product we sell. The principles of customer service, i.e., measuring feet, listening to the customer and providing pertinent information to help and treat each customer with the individual attention he/she requires remains our greatest provable strength. We have received the Long Beach’s Readers Choice Award for Best Shoe Store multiple times with the latest being 2017!

Hence, may we have the opportunity to provide proper information on specific ailments to allow you, the customer, to make an informed decision to eliminate and/or decide on the proper shoe selection. Considering the aforementioned information, we eagerly await the opportunity to serve you.  

If you have any questions, concerns or comments give us a call at (562) 425-1426 or email us at info@shoesrx.com.

We look forward to serving you.

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