How to Stay Fashionable in Comfort Footwear

You want to look your best, whether you’re lounging around the house or stepping out into the shopping district to find a brand-new outfit for work. You also want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and able to move around freely while you do it – that’s where comfort footwear comes in.

What do you picture when you think of comfort wear?

Do you envision drab, boring flats, and snooze-ville sneakers?

If so, you should know that dressed-down doesn’t necessarily mean dowdy.

New technologies and forward-thinking designers have managed to meld both style and comfort together in new and fashionable ways. If you’re struggling to make the connection, this guide will help you break down the basics so you can look your best and find the most comfortable shoes for your lifestyle.

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You Don’t Need to Sacrifice Comfort for Quality

It’s easy to slip into the idea that comfort = low-quality, but surprisingly, the opposite is typically true. Bargain basement sneakers, sandals, and flats might seem to look similar to more expensive brands, but their low price point comes with a sacrifice in material quality.

Loose stitching, low-quality suede, and cheap rubber soles won’t necessarily make themselves obvious at first, but after you wear them for a time, your brand-new shoes may start to look a bit like you’ve been wearing them for five or more years.

Instead, shop for relaxed footwear from a reliable brand that’s time-tested and respected, like Birkenstock. Their Suri 273 is an excellent example of style and comfort melted into one, especially for warmer weather. The durable suede leather upper comes in a variety of shades to suit your changing mood, while the flexible and long-lasting soles cradle your foot in luxurious comfort. Best of all, they’re multi-talented; pair them with a dress for brunch or a pantsuit for business.

Activewear? Not Just for Active Living!

Hate dress shoes? Here’s the good news: you can fill their role with the right activewear for your feet, thanks to modern and classy new designs. The once-lowly sneaker and outdoor tennis shoe is no longer a denizen of only the court; instead, designers are starting to recognize their comfort for what it should be – a regular player.

Classy white or black oxford-style sneakers look just as suitable under suit trousers as they do at the gym. Double monks are nearly indistinguishable from dress shoes when crafted in fine Italian leather, but inside, it’s all comfort, all day long.

Need something street-smart with urban appeal? Activewear designers have your back. Check out these beautiful tan Chennai shoes by Finn Comfort for women. For men, Ecco’s Bison Cow Leather Chukka boot is hard to beat.

Rock Wedges Or Chunky Heels, Not Stilettos

Any woman who has worn stilettos for an entire day – especially if you happen to be on your feet for most of the day – knows the after-effects all too well. Stilettos may be beautiful, but they aren’t exactly comfortable to wear, and over-wearing them could even cause repetitive strain injuries in the lower legs and back. If you’re already lamenting the loss of your favorite sensual shoe, don’t despair just yet: there’s a way to get the best of both worlds without giving up.

Wedges, kitten heels, and chunky heels all have one thing in common: they distribute pressure around the heel more evenly. What that means for you, dear shoe lover, is better stability and fewer aches after a long day. Just like sneakers, they, too, now come in enough styles to suit a variety of situations including business and casual outings.

Some, like Jillie by Munroe, are fancy enough for even the most high-end party when paired with a sleek matte black or red dress. Others, like Mara by Munroe, are a little bit more demure, pairing well with dresses and dress pants alike. Others are more whimsical in design with polka dots, checkered upper soles, or shimmery suede. Whichever you choose, look for a wide, stable heel for maximum comfort or a thinner, kitten-style heel for more sensuality and style.

Match The Right Shoe with the Right Outfit

Last, but not least, is the importance of matching the right comfort shoe with the right outfit. You, fashion-lover, are a modern footwear cupid, and your decisions can make or break your sense of style. But have no fear: a few basic shoe-matching guidelines and a bit of fashion mojo are all you need to make the best matches.


Wearing jeans? You have the most flexibility. A stylish sneaker or tennis shoe works best for casual dates and afternoons downtown. Step the look up with a casual low-upper boot or leather loafers. A casual ankle boot with cutouts adds sensuality for women, while rich Italian leather uppers in black or navy blue dress them up for men.


Dresses are a bit more complex. In the summer, pair light-colored dresses with comfort wedges featuring natural elements like twine, cork, or wood. In the fall, warmer fall and winter dresses pair better with boot-style wedge heels. Not into heels? This is the perfect time to mix in simple and sublime flats like this Aline shoe by Beautifeel. They’re a dead ringer for fancier shoes, but with an absolutely divine, out-of-this world soft interior.


Wearing a suit to a business meeting, or meeting clients for tea? Skip anything loud or sensational and stick with time-honored basics like low-heeled pumps, oxfords and loafers. All three of these options carry a casual, friendly and approachable look without making you appear stiff, cold, or rigid, and oxfords are an essential for any man’s closet.

Color Matching Matters, Too

Shade, color, and texture-wise, you have a few options depending on the outfit you wear. Always strive to match the color(s) in your shoes to either the most dominant color in your outfit or a less dominant, but still obvious color instead.

Here’s an example: you’re wearing dark blue jeans, a white tee-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Pairing this outfit with dark navy blue loafers might seem like an okay choice (and it really is), but it’s not really anything special. Switch out the navy blue loafers for either white or black instead and you’ll create contrast that draws the eye up and down your body.

An example in the other direction: You’re wearing a basic business suit in black, but you’ve grabbed a fairly bright red pair of leather loafers to go along with it. The only way this might work is if you’re wearing a red dress shirt under your jacket, but typically, bold colors paired with basics will compete with your look. Try a darker brick red, or go for a black lace-up wingtip with red laces.

It’s important to be cautious with shade, too; aim for the closest match between your outfit and your shoes. Avoid pairing off-colors, like pinkish-red or off-white, with bold-colored clothing in fire engine red or crisp snow white. The match won’t look quite right and will depreciate your look. If all else fails, go to a simple and timeless favorite – black. It matches nearly everything and won’t let you down.

With just a few basic footwear fashion guidelines, it’s easy to put your own creative spin on comfort footwear. Dressed for success in your Sunday best or just relaxing around the house, looking your best will make you feel your best, too.


Stylish Slippers to Get You Through The Winter

Today’s modern woman doesn’t settle for a sub-par job.

She doesn’t sacrifice her career for her family or vice versa, and she most certainly won’t choose between having a fulfilling social life with her friends or a loving relationship with her family. 21st century fashion mirrors today’s go-getter, do-it-all woman, and comfortable, versatile and practical shoes are a reflection of that all-deserving lifestyle.

Below are our picks for this season’s most stylish winter shoes fit for every type of today’s modern, fashionable woman.

BeautiFeel Shoes

The BeautiFeel brand was born out of creativity, love, femininity and commitment, along with wishes to share those attributes with every woman in the world. It holds the power to originate, innovate, captivate and excite each woman who wears a BeautiFeel brand shoe.

The Broadway

To say these darling, city-chic shoes are on point for this Fall/Winter season is an understatement. The Broadway is elegant and casual with a trendy finishing touch. Made from premium Italian suede and accented with handcrafted luxurious welt, this extremely comfortable walking shoe is ideal for your commute, (sans snow and slush) looks amazing with denim and even pairs well with your holiday dresses. Thank you, Manolo Blahnik for making low heels the new high heels.

The Blues

Similar to the Broadway, the Blues shoe is an adorable, updated loafer for the fashionable girl wanting to stay as comfortable as possible without sacrificing her style. Equipped with small, cutout polka dots on the sides and a leather lining and insole, the Blues is a showstopper from the inside out. Its patent leather sheen gives this walking shoe a formal touch great for the office, girls’ night outs and holiday get-togethers.

Birkenstock Shoes

At Birkenstock, tradition and heritage are the leading hallmarks of the brand. Birkenstock is deeply rooted in the fine art of crafting premium quality shoes, dating back to 1774. Passing the commitment of quality, comfort and support, the Birkenstock brand ensures the highest standards in shoe making.

The Boston

Ah, the classic Birkenstock shoe. The Boston is an excellent addition to your wardrobe for those last minute errands that need run and those long, lazy days of winter. Hand sewn and made of 100 percent natural leather, this open back clog is the shoe you simply cannot live without during the winter season. The Boston’s suede upper is exceptionally soft and comfortable and has a deep heel cup which aligns your foot naturally for even weight distribution and proper support. You feet will be in heaven no matter where you take them.

ECCO Shoes

Bringing style and comfort to every moment, the ECCO brand isn’t afraid to stand out from the rest, and is known for “slipping on attitude.” Ensuring a highly comfortable, hardwearing, light and flexible shoe, it is important to the ECCO brand that the details are never looked over, but always looked out for.

The Aimee Sport Slip-On

Clean and simple with a contemporary twist is the name of this shoe’s game. Every stylish gal needs a good pair of “grab and go” shoes, and the Aimee is that pair. The Aimee Sport shoe is a fun and fashionable sneaker similar to the street style fashion sneakers that have been so popular the past few seasons on and off the runway. The classic black and white color combination brings this walking shoe to new style heights, while the front to back platform adds just enough interest. The ECCO Comfort Fibre System is installed in this shoe, which helps to keep feet fresh, dry and cozy.

Cozy Moc

The all-time winter favorite is the moccasin shoe. The Cozy Moc by ECCO is the ultimate cold weather slipper for lounging in the house and cozying up at the log cabin-like corner bar. Complete with glued-in leather footbed and full-grain leather upper, this slip-on shoe increases air circulation for a desirable inner climate. Available in camel, nude and maroon colors, these moccasins are all light and flexible with a slimming profile and modern detailing. Fireplace or no fireplace, the Cozy Moc is sure to warm you up.

Cozy Moc Bootie

Say hello to Cozy Moc’s trendier cousin, Cozy Moc Bootie. If you’re on the hunt for a snug, cuddle-worthy moccasin, you’re in luck, for the Cozy Moc Bootie slipper surrounds your feet with the utmost comfort and warmth, giving your entire foot a sweet hug. These highly breathable and moisture absorbent shoes are made from premium leathers and a 100 percent shearling lining. The dainty bow gives this casual slipper a nice feminine touch, while the foldable ankle wraparound makes for an edgier appearance.

Fara Slip-On

Similar to the Aimee Sport Slip-On, only with a higher platform and a sleeker finish, we give you the (somewhat) fancy Fara shoe. Designed for comfort and style, this relaxed slip-on takes on a more modern form of the original slip-on sneaker with its ridged bottom and high ankle. Also black and white like the Aimee, the Fara can be worn on many occasions, from everyday wear and quick lunches to long commutes and casual Fridays. Appareled with the new fashion classic design, the outsole of this shoe is incredibly flexible and durable, assuring happy, healthy feet.

Shape Textured Ballerina

Sophisticated and simple, the Shape Textured Ballerina flat can be worn for just about any occasion. The pointed toe and tiny heel make this updated ballerina flat the winter season’s new staple shoe. Made from premium leather throughout, this contemporary, minimalist slipper is great for women of all ages. The barely there embroidered floral design gives this specialty shoe the right amount of elegance, while the shape contours your foot for enhanced support and fit.

Haflinger Shoes

Haflinger is a family-owned business that has been creating premium comfort shoes and slippers for over 50 years. The brand is known for its boiled wool slippers and wool felt clogs, offering a selection of both classics and new styles with on-trend designs.

For the homebodies, the stay-at-home-moms, the work-at-home professionals and the like, the Haflinger brand invites you into a whole new paradigm of comfort and style. From wonderfully colorful patterns and crazy designs to animal prints and classic looks, there is a slipper for any gal in need of an ultra cozy shoe.

Calypso Slippers

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the Calypso will put you into a good, no, great mood. Featuring a multi-patterned, multi-colored design, the Calypso’s contoured, wool footbed molds perfectly to your foot for customized comfort and style. The slipper’s upper is made of 100 percent boiled wool, with the insole made of wool felt offering traction to dance about happily all over the kitchen floor. You’ll be your foot’s best friend in these super fun, super cozy Haflinger slippers.

Coffee Slippers

How cute are these coffee slippers? If you haven’t had your cup (or cups) of coffee already, these slippers will get your day started a little bit earlier while you brew. Featuring a coffee wool applique, Haflinger’s Coffee Slippers are made from boiled wool, are naturally soft and sturdy, and are machine washable. The latex arch support of these too-cute-for-words slippers massages your foot with every step, while the double-felt outsole adds the perfect blend of cushion and traction, allowing you to dance to Christmas tunes on every surface in your home.

Doggy Slippers

Did you think the cuteness factor ended at the Coffee Slippers? Well, the Haflinger brand has added another level of adorable with its Doggy Slippers. The Doggy Slippers are soft and cuddly well-suited for those cold winter nights, yet sturdy and durable for multiple winter seasons to come. The wool upper on these shoes is lightweight and breathable, and molds to your feet like a second skin. In addition to the perfect temperature wool material, the arch support prevents many foot problems, including Plantar Fasciitis. These awe-worthy slippers are sure to fit a variety of personalities, and are guaranteed to make anyone wearing them smile.

Mephisto Shoes

Mephisto shoes are investments in the health, happiness and comfort of your feet, back and legs. The materials, construction techniques and quality components used to make Mephisto shoes are never compromised. The designers and engineers of the Mephisto brand are on a continuous search to improve the comfort features of their footwear, “making the finest even finer.”


This shoe may not look like it from the outside, but it was designed to be slipped on and off as easily as a house slipper. The Sabatina by Mephisto is an exquisite patent leather fashion loafer that means serious business. The oversize, chunky design of this highly modern and incredibly stylish shoe was made for the girl boss in every woman. In addition to the shoe’s breathable soft leather upper and strong rubber outsole, it features a removable leather air-jet insole for an added comfortable feel. Pairing well with denim, slacks, skirts and dresses, the Sabatina is one hot commodity you don’t want to pass up on.


A much more understated, but nonetheless stylish shoe of the Mephisto family is the Valentina. Made for casual wear, this slip-on, seriously fashionable sneaker could be the coolest shoe on the market. This walking shoe features a soft-air midsole for extra comfort, as well as strong rubber outsole that is built to last. While the actual model of the shoe itself is classic, the deep oxblood color and laceless bridge are unexpected, making the Valentina the “it” shoe this winter season.

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Footpain

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in adults. The plantar fascia is a thick band of fibrous connective tissue that attaches to the heel bone, runs across the bottom of the foot and fans out to connect at the base of each toe. It provides support for the arch of the foot, helps to lift the arch during normal walking and also acts as a shock absorber during walking and running.

Overuse of the plantar fascia, most commonly during weight-bearing athletics such as running or even extended periods of standing, can cause small, repetitive tears in the fibers that make up the fascia.

The resultant inflammation and swelling produces the pain of plantar fasciitis. Damage is most common in areas where the stress on the connective tissue is greatest and where the fascia is thinnest, as it curves around the back of the heel. Plantar fasciitis is particularly common in older people people because the heel fat pad that normally protects the plantar fascia in this region things with age. Patients with plantar fasciitis typically feel a sharp pain in the heel, particularly on rising in the morning and at the beginning of a walk or run, that may fade as they warm up. The pain may also occur with prolonged standing and is sometimes accompanied by stiffness.

Some Brands That Relieve this Pain

– Finn Comfort

  • Finn Comfort is a German made shoe with meticulously hand-stitched seams for superior flexibility and comfort.
  • Concave heel design provides extra shock resistance  and cushioning to relieve stress on knees, hips and spine.
  • Durable, lightweight and flexible polyurethane and/or rubber outsole is highly shock-absorbent and gentle on joints.
  • Removable anatomically correct orthopedic footbeds with contoured arch and metatarsal support provides great fit, optimum support and superior comfort.
  • Many Finn Comforts also feature a small Rocker Bottom which is designed to center you in the arch of your foot which relieves pressure on the Plantar Fascia. Featured: Ikebekuro

Indian Red Finn Comfort Ikebukuro | ShoesRx

New Balance

  • Technology and innovation are at the forefront of the New Balance shoe brand. Every shoe model is carefully designed for today’s active person.
  • Encap – Cushioning in the midsole with a polyurethane rim for a more durable wear.
  • Rollbar – A posting system added to reduce the movement on the heel, preventing pronation or suppenation of the foot.
  • Abzorb – Cushioning in the heel for an optimum comfort while walking and running.
  • New Balance Technology focused shoes provide extra cushion and support that combined together provides excellent relief for any individual suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Featured: WW1540

-SAS (San Antonio Shoemakers)

  • SAS Tripad™ Construction: It features 3 built-in green odor-resistant cushions for the three main pressure points of your foot; the inside ball, outside ball and the heel. Each shoe is made with high quality materials that never lose their shock-absorbing capacity.

  • SAS Foot-Shape® Last: Each shoe was constructed on a last that was built to follow the natural shape of your foot. They provide supreme comfort while giving ample breathing room for your toes.

  • All Day Supersoft® Lightweight Sole: They are designed to feature a wider sole that provides increased base stability while giving excellent shock absorption in key pressure points. Every SAS sole is made of very durable molded polyurethane containing millions of tiny air bubbles to cushion your every step.

  • SAS features many different technologies to ensure a comfortable fit. The Walk Easy specifically features a small rocker bottom designed to take the weight off the heel relieving much of the footpain that comes with Plantar Fasciitis. Featured: Walk Easy