What Are the Most Comfortable Shoes for Men and Women?

As more and more people are realizing that shoes can be fashionable and functional, they aren’t settling for anything less.

We won’t choose an unattractive pair of sneakers just because they feel good, and we most certainly won’t sacrifice our toes getting crushed in a gorgeous pair of heels. And people with medical foot conditions are no exception to this rule. If you are someone who is prescribed medical footwear, or someone looking to prevent future foot problems, we have great news for you. You can now have your (cute, correcting) boots and wear them too.

Providing the ultimate comfort and protection to keeping your feet healthy, ShoesRX has the absolute best selection of orthopedic shoes that don’t look like orthopedic shoes at all. Guaranteeing confidence, comfort and style, we’ve compiled a list of the most fashionably functional footwear.

What are orthopedic shoes?

‘Ortho’ is a Greek root that means “correct” or “right,” while ‘pedic’ means “feet.” Put them together and you get…correct feet! This makes sense, as orthopedic shoes provide arch support, heel support and generously proportioned toe boxes allowing your feet to maintain the natural (or correct) shape when you wear them.

Orthopedic shoes are specially designed shoes that provide support and pain relief for anyone suffering from any type of pain in the legs, ankles and feet. Basic footwear doesn’t accomplish the necessary support needed to treat conditions that require medical shoes. Depending on the health problem of the wearer, the design for each shoe varies, as there is no one design that will effectively work for all types of foot, ankle or leg problems.

Initially, orthopedic shoes were created distinctly for function while overlooking fashion, but now many brands of orthopedic shoes have made it a point to design attractive, stylish models for the wearer.

Who are orthopedic shoes for?

Many people assume that orthopedic shoes are only for the elderly, but people of all ages wear them.

If you are suffering from heel pain or are simply seeking stellar foot and ankle support, the following brands are for you. The orthopedic shoe technology found in each pair of shoes is based on years of podiatric medical success and innovative collaboration from renowned experts in biomechanics and foot health. Manufacturers and designers from these brands are more than confident that wearers will love the way each shoe makes you feel from the contoured design and fit to the proven pain alleviation.

The following brands for both men and women produce shoes designed for diabetic feet and other medical foot conditions. They feature everything meant to provide foot pain relief and more, including proprietary ergonomic soles, orthotic support, patented closures and protective linings. And of course, the best style!

Men’s Allen Edmond’s Eastport Dress Shoe

This shoe has the coolest look. Its rustic color, classic design and unpredictable shine are just the outside elements that make this a fantastic staple shoe for men of all ages. Looking great with slacks or denim, this three-eyelet hand-sewn boat shoe is extremely functional and transitional given its classic color and shape yet bold concept.

Men’s Mephisto Cirano Shoe

These sharp-looking, slip-on dress shoes are a necessary addition to any man’s closet. The soft-air technology of the Mephisto brand assures your feet will never feel tired. The flexible midsole protects your feet, offers joint relief, and ensures proper care for your back. Handcrafted from the best natural leathers, the Mephisto Cirano is the ultimate confidence-booster.

Men’s Naot Success Shoe

The name says it all for these clean cut dress shoes. Featuring soft genuine leather and extra foam padding in the tongue and collar, this business shoe is excellent for the office, suitable for casual wear and especially useful for those cold winter nights.

Women’s Calima Naot Boot

This genuine leather, distressed high ankle boot is the best of both worlds when it comes to fashion and comfort. Offering a mattress soft step inside and an edgy look outside, this women’s orthopedic boot plays the roles of chic, rocker and classic with its high quality standards and updated features, all in one. This trend meets comfort boot features a footbed lining that wicks away moisture and fights bacteria with antimicrobial microfiber material.

Women’s Carla Heel

Heels for orthopedic footwear? You bet. This sophisticated ladies pump is a multi-seasonal mid-heel shoe that looks great with a pair of jeans as well as a fancy LBD. They are made from premium quality soft leather and feature a unique, hand-cut, sequin finish. Offering an EVA midsole designed to absorb shock and prevent foot fatigue; the Carla also offers traction that isn’t found in other heeled shoes. Compliments will be paid multiple times daily when adorning these incredibly stylish shoes.

Women’s Finn Comfort Sterzing Boot

Waterproof? Check. Warm? Check. Off-the-charts stylish? Check, check. The Sterzing is that impossible to find winter boot; the one that stylishly withstands the winter season at an incredible price. The upper is made of premium waterproof leather to keep feet dry, and is lined with the finest calfskin to keep feet cozy. The concave heel design provides extra shock resistance and cushioning to relieve stress on knees, hips and spine.

Women’s Touch 35 Boot

It doesn’t get much chicer than this simple and sleek ankle boot. No one would ever know this stylish shoe would function as one of the best shoes for stability and correction due to its high fashion appearance. Equipped with a removable EVA cushioned insole and a thermal rubber outsole for extra durability and traction, the Touch 35 is perfect for everyday wear and can be easily dressed up.

Women’s Acorn Moc Slipper

This women’s slipper moccasin is an amazing alternative to the tired UGG Boot trend. Simple, casual and stylish are descriptors at the forefront of this shoe. Great for the on-the-go girl not wanting to fuss with tying and zipping before heading out the door, the Acorn Moc guarantees the happiest and healthiest of feet.

Women’s Naot Shamal Boot

It is amazing how many ways this western-inspired boot can be styled. The knee-high Naot Shamal boot is one of the most fashionable boots around, not excluding non-orthopedic shoes. Designed with contrasting leathers and a sturdy wooded heel, this look-at-me shoe is a different and modern twist on the original cowgirl look, in the best way.

THIS JUST IN: New ECCO Track Work Boots

Ecco’s Track II and Rugged Track provide superior comfort in work boots. Each are made with highly durable, full-grain leather uppers that provide breatheability and flexibility in the shoe.

ecco-rugged-2-brown-boot                  01_001944_00741

ECCO Track II and Track II low

The Full leather upper, combined with GORE-TEX technology, the ECCO II offers maximum comfort and protection from water. The ECCO II comes in both a high cut and a low cut, both of which have a direct-injected Thermoplastic Polyurethane outsole that is light, comfortable, and a first choice for everyday jobs and outdoor activities.



ECCO Rugged Track GTX

The ECCO Rugged Tack GTX is the perfect blend of everyday appeal and superior functionality. With a high cut full leather upper and GORE-TEX construction, the Rugged Track remains comfortable and waterproof under tough conditions. Thanks to extra cushion and an anatomically designed last, these can be worn all day without discomfort. The outsole is made with patented RECEPTOR technology in order to maintain traction on uneven and slippery surfaces.


World Class Comfort Lies in the Details

  1. Soft padded topline eliminates pressure and rubbing
  2. Reinforced heel counter for a secure fit
  3. Foot motion guidance-Curved heel design with buffer zone to encourage natural heel to toe rolling motionfinn-comfort-details-numbered
  4. Concave heel design provides extra shock resistance  and cushioning to relieve stress on knees, hips and spine.
  5. Durable, lightweight and flexible polyurethane and/or rubber outsole is highly shock-absorbent and gentle on joints
  6. Air ventilation channels ensure efficient air circulation and a healthier environment for your feet
  7. Naturally rounded shape and design reflect natural shape of a healthy foot. Generous fit provides extra comfort
  8. German made, meticulously hand-stitched seams for superior flexibility and comfort
  9. Flexible toe cap eliminates pressure points
  10. Finest calfskin lining is skin friendly, luxurious and natural
  11. Removable anatomically correct orthopedic footbeds with contoured arch and metatarsal support provides great fit, optimum support and superior comfort


A. Rich natural suede lining. Moisture absorbant, skin-friendly and organically tanned with pure vegetable dyes. Chrome and toxin free.

B. Air ventilation holesfinn-comfort-footbed-cropped

C. Serious support for medial, lateral and transverse (metatarsal) arches.

D. Resilient annd shock absorbing cork/latex base

E. Anatomically shaped heel cup

Natural heel-to-toe motion guidance via:

  1. Heel
  2. Lateral foot
  3. Big toe

All natural Finn Comfort footbeds may be removed overnight for airing. They may be hand washed with mild soap and warm water. Let air dry naturally away from direct heat or sun. For optimum health and hygiene, replace your Finn Comfort footbeds regularly.

Mephisto – World’s Finest Footwear

Mephisto shoes and sandals are among the best in the world. Created in France and recognized globally for its quality, comfort, design, and technology, Mephisto shoes offer the perfect fit for your lifestyle with shoes that adapt to the foot.

Using only top grain “aniline” leathers allows for superior breathablity and proper foot hygiene, while cutting every pair from the same skin ensures homogenous color and grain. Outsoles made mainly of natural rubber, latex or “light” rubber provide durability and excellent shock absorption, with specially designed air-cushion compartments designed to be as light as possible.

Soft-Air technology offers you a modern and optimal comfort experience. This soft, flexible insole, present in every Mephisto shoe, reduces shock, protecting your feet, joints, and vertebrae for tireless walking, all the while maintaining proper hygiene.

Air-Relax, a removable footbed made of natural, shock absorbing, and breathable materials are easily replaceable and can be washed for proper foot hygiene. Overall all fit is improved by these anatomical footbeds that adapt perfectly to the foot.

Circulation of fresh air inside the shoes is promoted by the Air-Jet system, ensuring optimal climate and pleasant freshness for the foot.

Mephisto also offers after-sales recrafting that can resole almost all of their styles even after many years of wear, making these shoes investments that will last a lifetime.

12 Naot Shoes that Will Leave You Speachless This Fall

“It’s fashionable to walk in comfort.” 

This tagline from a leading manufacturer in easy-to-walk-in shoes started out as a simple statement that is now conquering the world. Our society is becoming increasingly aware that being comfort-conscious with literally everything we own and wear is no longer a privilege, but a necessity, and for many good reasons.

Naot shoes, shoes built on the foundations of practicality, style and comfort, ensure the delivery of stylish and exceptionally comfortable footwear due to the high-quality raw materials and advanced design of every shoe.

Because compromising comfort over style is never the case for this brand.

History of Naot Shoes

The Teva Naot Shoe Company was founded in 1942 in the Upper Galilee of Israel, Kibbutz Naot Mordechai, by members of the Kibbutz Naot Mordechai shoe factory. This one-room workshop that made simple work shoes and sandals expanded into an international business and has become one of Israel’s leading manufacturers and exporter of shoes.

Naot was transformed in the 1980s by Ami Bar-Nahor, into a stylish international brand of comfort footwear. Bar-Nahor wanted to turn the knowledge he gained from Naot to create women’s shoes that were both comfortable and dressy; a notion that may not seem profound today, but at the time, was a groundbreaking idea.

When walking to and from work, the majority of working women were pairing their skirts and blouses with sneakers, while schlepping their “good shoes” in their totes. This seemed unnecessary and quite silly to the pioneer behind the quintessential shoe.

Bar-Nahor’s original concept for “dressy comfort” footwear has become an industry standard, copied across the globe by hundreds of other shoe manufacturers, even including high-end designers.

Seventy years later, Naot’s loyal customer continues to broaden, giving you a brand new collection of comfortable, stylish shoes every season. Naot now manufactures a wide variety of footwear for men and women, including sandals, sneakers, flats, heels, wedges, clogs and boots.

What Makes Naot Shoes So Dang Comfortable?

How many times have you been out shopping to hear the person next to you exclaim, “If they aren’t comfortable, I’m not getting them!” Probably a lot of times, because everyone is in search of practical, nice looking shoes that they can wear on a typical 8-10 hour workday without sacrificing comfort.

The Naot brand has a unique anatomical footbed which makes each style of shoe ridiculously comfortable and incredibly supportive. The engineered insoles are designed to replicate the shape of the foot, just like the footprint we leave when walking in the sand. The footbeds are flexible, soft and shock absorbent, made of natural cork and latex, and covered in a layer of suede, supporting the heel and alleviating pain.

The production process of Naot manufacturing uses an innovative technology designed to maintain foot health, using only the highest quality raw materials it can find. All Naot shoes are made from natural, soft and airy Italian leather, combined with superior standards of modern design.

Offering solutions and promising trust, the superbly-crafted products have been and continue to be an excellent solution to the never-ending need for comfortable and fashionable footwear.

Women’s Naot Shoes

Women’s shoes are objects of self-expression. There are shoes created for every occasion, every moment and every emotion. Whether it is sexy, casual, boss-mode, sporty, or solemn, it fits every need.

But are all of these statement shoes comfortable?

If they’re Naot brand, absolutely. Confident in a 100 percent comfortability factor, here are five different styles of Naot shoes for every woman and her choice representation.

The Naot Helm 

This is the perfect ankle boot for Fall.

Its dual texture feature gives this shoe a nice twist on the classic ankle boot while providing maximum support and preventing slippage. Available in three custom colors, each having its own special look, the Naot Helm is any modern woman’s best friend.

The Naot Allure 

The Allure style boot features padded technical lining which provides maximum warmth, while guaranteeing moisture absorption. This knee-high, flexible fit boot is part of the “Eden Collection” of Naot, which ensures support and stability for your legs and feet. The boots come in a Toffee Brown Leather, which gives off a more casual vibe, as well as the Jet Black Leather, which is sharper.

The Naot Kedma 

The rise of women’s wear as menswear is chicer than ever, and makes a bold statement in the Naot Kedma shoe. The attractive two-tone design is what catches people’s eye, but it’s the curated heel cup that keeps the wearer happy and cozy all day long.

The Naot Polite 

Who says heels can’t be comfortable? The Naot Polite is a classic mid-heel sandal, right on trend for this year’s fashion markets. This sleek and stylish shoe can be worn to the office, on a date, or to the grocery store. (They are that amazingly comfortable) A part of the “Supreme Collection,” the Naot Polite features a metal shank providing the look of a 2.25″ heel without the unpleasant feel. You will forget that you’re wearing heels with these hot-to-trot shoes.

The Naot Flirt 

The name says it all for this fashionably fabulous wedge sandal. The Naot Flirt provides a dressier look with an incredibly casual feel featuring double hook and loop straps. This shoe is great for transitioning seasons, even looking cute and modern paired with socks in colder weather.

Men’s Naot Shoes

With the surge in men’s footwear options, men’s attitudes are beginning to resemble that of women’s when it comes to shoes; excited, a tad overwhelmed, and always on the hunt for more. The following styles of Naot brand shoes are the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe.

The Naot Magnate 

This lace-up, wingtip dress shoe can easily transition itself from dressy to casual, day to night. The seal brown suede color and texture give this shoe an upgraded take on the traditional lace-up boot, giving you more confidence when you wear it. The Magnate shoe has padded technical lining for comfort, warmth and moisture absorption, equipped with a padded heel cup and tongue for ultimate comfort.

The Naot Director 

This shoe style is part of Naot’s “Executive Collection,” with gore at the instep for smooth accessibility. Offered in three different colors, Black Raven Leather, Volcanic Red Leather and Vintage Gray Leather, this leather hot commodity is a polished alternative to your workday dress shoe or weekend sneaker.

The Naot Chief 

Also available in three neutral colors of Black Velvet Leather, Gray Suede, and Oily Brown Nubuck, Naot Chief speaks volumes on sophistication and ease, basically doing all of the talking for you. This lace-up dress shoe has a contrasting heel cup, giving the shoe just enough detail and edge.

The Naot Mikael 

The Mikael is one of Naot’s signature sandal styles due to its lightweight feel and stylish appearance. This sandal, available in Crazy Horse Leather and Vintage Gray Leather, stands the test of time due to its incredible strength and durability. Like most all natural leather goods, these shoes only get better with time and wear.

The Naot Pilot 

A part of the same collection as the Naot Director, this dress shoe has a higher back heel and is constructed with hand-sewn stroble, making it strong and flexible. Offered in four amazing colors of Gray Suede, Oily Coal Nubuck, Seal Brown Suede and Vintage Gray Leather, the Naot Pilot is the ultimate go-to shoe to pull your outfit together, elevating your entire look.


Because the modern man and the modern woman deserve nothing but the best, and getting to where you want to be starts with looking good and feeling good. Making your life easier, one step at a time. That’s Naot.