Beautifeel Shoes Are Perfect for the Shoe Lover

They say a woman can never have too many shoes, and you can attest that this is true.

After all, your love’s closet shelves are literally filled with shoes of all different styles and colors. At first glance, shoe shopping can seem overwhelming when you are used to buying the same style every year.

However, you can dazzle the shoe lover in your life with the perfect pair on a special occasion by taking these factors into consideration.

Let’s take a closer look.

Consider the Occasion

When someone loves shoes, any special occasion is just cause for a new pair. Spend a few minutes considering the occasion that you are celebrating, and explore the different styles that are available for accenting your favorite lady’s best features. For example, heels add a glamorous touch to a formal evening full of dining and dancing. However, a romantic walk on the beach would be better suited to a pair of colorful Beautifeel Denny sneakers.

Find Your Perfect Size

The best way to find out your lady’s perfect size is to measure her feet. This is done by simply using a measuring tape to identify the length and width of each foot. Then, you simply compare these measurements to a shoe chart. When using this method, make sure to use a shoe chart that is provided by the manufacturer or retailer of the shoes you are planning to purchase. If you are planning a surprise, try to sneak a peek at the size of the shoes your woman is currently wearing. This will give you a starting point for buying a pair of shoes in a similar style that fit comfortably.

Choose the Right Color

Choosing a pair of shoes in neutral color will give your surprise more versatility since black, tan, gray and white Beautifeel shoes can be worn with virtually any color outfit. However, you may choose a specific color if you are buying shoes to match a particular outfit. Just make sure it matches exactly if you choose the same hue as what you know she will be wearing. You can also consider your favorite woman’s personality when you select a color. Bold designs and prints are perfect for showing your lady that you value her creativity and outgoing personality.

Factor In Comfort and Quality

Today, style does not mean having to sacrifice comfort, and you can ensure your lady is always steady on her feet by choosing a quality pair designed by a trusted shoe retailer. Look for natural materials such as leather that allow the shoes to breathe and provide them with flexibility. While the soles should be firm, they should also be flexible enough to move with each step your lady takes. Check to make sure that straps, laces and other fasteners are sturdy and secure. When even the smallest details are perfect, your lady’s satisfaction with her new Beautifeel shoes is assured.

Whether you buy heels or flats, giving your favorite shoe lover a pair for a special occasion shows you care. While navigating through shoe shopping territory may seem challenging at first, finding the perfect pair is simple when you visit a shop known for providing quality styles. By carefully weighing the main factors involved in shoe shopping, your partner will be honored to discover that your surprise is the perfect addition to their growing collection of shoes that they can proudly wear.

5 Noat Shoes That Should Be In Every Man’s Closet

Image above: Chief by Naot Shoes

If you want to expand your collection of shoes, you won’t want to miss these five Noat shoes for men.

While you may not need a closet that rivals the walk-in types you see in the movies, there is no doubt that you understand the need for clothing that’s practical and appropriate for certain occasions. Those sensibilities extend to the type of footwear that you choose to keep on hand. Here are a few essential types of Naot shoes for men that need to be in your closet.

A Pair of Black Oxfords

Many workplaces are more casual these days, so some men think that owning a pair of black Oxfords is no longer necessary. The fact is that even in casual offices, there will be times when you need to wear a suit and a nice pair of shoes. That includes times when an important customer is coming by for a visit. If you have a pair of Oxfords on hand, you won’t have any trouble making sure you look your best.

Keep in mind those basic black dress shoes also come in handy for other occasions. They look great when you need to dress up to attend a wedding, visit a house of worship that leans more toward dressing up than being casual, or need to pay your respects at a funeral or wake. While you may not wear those Oxfords every day, they will more than pay for themselves.

Work Boots

Being the handy type, you like to take care of minor repairs around the house. Some type of work boot is a great investment. The boots protect your feet when you’re working with sharp implements, and will also keep your feet warm when you have to manage a project during cold weather.

Remember that the right work boots come in handy for sloshing around while you clear the snow and ice off the windshield, make your way through soft ground after a storm, and protect your feet as you clean up the nails and other debris after making some repairs to the roof.

A boot design that includes laces makes it easier to adjust the fit so you can wear thinner socks in warm weather and opt for thick ones when the temperature is close to zero.

Running or Walking Shoes

The stress of daily life requires that you get out in the fresh air. A thirty-minute walk or run several times a week will do wonders for your physical and emotional well being. Shoes that provide the cushioning and the arch support you need will also protect you from injuries.

Casual Shoes

When you’re going to a movie, taking in a game at the stadium, or have a date for dinner, dress shoes are sometimes too much. A nice pair of casual shoes that look great with jeans or khaki pants is the ideal solution. Go with a traditional color that will work with most of your wardrobe. Along with always looking put together, the fact that the color does not go out of style means you’ll get more years of wear.


You do need one nice pair of sandals.

They are great for wearing to the beach, a casual walk in the park, or for taking care of any shopping you need to do this week. Investing in a high-quality pair of sandals means you can wear them for years before they have to be replaced.

If you don’t have any other type of shoes in your closet, make sure you have one pair of each of these Noat shoes for men on hand. Whatever situation should arise, there will be no worries about having the right thing to slip on before you head out the door.

Common Foot Problems and Which Shoes to Avoid

It’s important that you take care of your feet.

This can be a challenge as modern styles often lean toward shoes that create discomfort. However, there are alternatives designed specifically with comfort in mind first. You may have low arches, tight heel cords, or the tendency to form bunions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable in your own shoes.

Here’s an overview of which shoes to avoid.

Be sure to check out out store for a selection of shoes designed for comfort.

An Overview of Common Foot Problems | Bodell's ShoesRx

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5 New Beautifeel Shoes to Wear this Fall

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