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It’s been another hot week over here, and we have a few new articles to share with you.

Take a look if you find yourself experiencing discomfort with your shoes all too often. We shared tips on finding comfortable shoes, the Birkenstock styles you don’t want to miss, and featured Wolky shoes.

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Feel Comfortable and Look Stylish in Wolky Shoes

Gloriosa by Wolky Shoes | ShoesRx

Looking for a stylish shoe that also provide comfort? Wolky shoes may be the answer you’re looking for.

Women often have to choose between comfort or style for their shoes. Either the shoe looks great but lacks support, or it feels cozy but doesn’t turn any heads. Wolky shoes for women changes everything when it comes to women’s shoes, combining both modern style and supportive comfort in one. Whether it’s a dress flat or a casual sandal, Wolky shoes are designed to cushion your feet and provide support as you work or play.

With quality construction and materials used in every shoe, you’ll always feel comfortable and look stylish no matter where you go.

What Makes Wolky Women’s Shoes So Great?

Take the Wolky Gloriosa as an example.

This wedged heel not only has stylish construction but also features a leather-covered insole to prevent your feet from slipping and sliding in the shoe.

The contoured memory foam footbed conforms to your foot and provides the ideal support system as you stand and walk. Wolky pays close attention to detail in every shoe and includes the necessary features such as cushioned footbeds and high-grade uppers for maximum support and durability.

Wolky Shoes Come in All Types, Sizes and Colors

Wolky excels in creating variety and offering as many choices as possible for women who want shoes that fit their feet and match their personalities. You can find shoes of all types in its lineup, including:

  • Casual flats
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • High heels
  • Slip-ons
  • Dress shoes
  • Gladiators

It doesn’t matter whether you need a 5.5- or 13.5-inch shoe. Wolky creates women’s dress and casual shoes in sizes to fit small, medium and large feet. You can find these shoes in many popular colors such as black, white and red or go with something a bit more unique like slate, beach or cafe. If you’re looking for a shoe with more pizzazz, the Wolky Seminyak has a one-of-a-kind stone print, a back heel zipper and intertwining straps to make you stand out in a crowd. With a cork and latex midsole, your feet will feel great despite walking in a heel.

Why Support Matters in Women’s Fashion Shoes

Women’s fashion shoes aren’t usually created with support and comfort in mind. Many have hard insoles with barely enough padding or fabric to provide any cushion. They also lack arch support and pinch the toes throughout the day. Shoes that are only designed to look good can lead to various foot problems such as failing arches, cramping and varicose veins. Without proper support and structure, your current shoes may be causing more harm than good.

Wolky shoes that don’t have padded insoles often have removable footbeds for inserting your own custom orthotics. This added feature gives you the opportunity to wear a fashionable shoe but also have the necessary comfort to get you through the day. Whether it’s a flat or a heeled gladiator, you’ll always have support, comfort and style when you lace up or slip on Wolky shoes.

You don’t have to decide between comfortable and stylish anymore. With Wolky shoes for women, you can have the best of both worlds. No matter if you keep it casual or like to dress it up, Wolky shoes come in many different colors, sizes and comfort options to make you look and feel great wherever your feet take you.

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Pikolinos, Mephisto, and Comfort – Orthopedic Shoes Weekly

It’s been another hot week – both in terms of the heat and the great deals available at Bodell’s and ShoesRx.

We explored a few brands offering exceptional comfort for women, and even featured a few shoes we thought stood out with style and comfort.

5 Brands Offering Comfortable Shoes for Women

Take a look at these five brands that create some of the most comfortable shoes in the world.

The Alcudia by Pikolinos

You can’t go wrong with Pikolinos. In addition to providing exceptional comfort, Pikolinos are hand-crafted with the nothing short of the best materials. Be sure to check out the Alcudia if you’re interested.

The Barbara by Mephisto Keeps It Simple and Classy

If you’re looking for something a little more formal, consider the Barbara by Mephisto. Like Pikolinos, Mephisto also produces their shoes with the best materials you can hope for.

Taos Women’s Sandals Provide Easy-Going Comfort

Looking for something a little more casual for the summer heat? Try the Taos sandals for women. These sandals are made with the utmost quality materials and feature comfortable padding so you can wear them all day.

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5 Brands Offering Comfortable Shoes for Women

Looking for a nice pair of comfortable shoes for women?

It’s not asking for much, but finding a pair of shoes that provides both style and comfort can be incredibly difficult. For this reason, we wanted to share five brands with you today. Made with incredible attention to detail and artistry, you can rest assured you’re getting a pair of comfortable shoes you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Let’s take a closer look!


While Beautifeel does offer a few sneakers here and there, their primary focus is feels. These are a great option if you’re looking for a timeless high heel that won’t break on you. Take a look at the selection to learn more about Beautifeel for women.


Naot makes some of the most comfortable sandals available today. Because they’re made with high quality products, you can rest assured your sandals will be good summer after summer. Take a look here.


Munro offers a great selection of  heels, but offers other shoes as well. If you find a pair of Munro shoes for women, be sure to let us know!


Mephisto offers a wide selection of shoes, including just about everything from heels to sandals and active wear. If you’re one to stick with a brand you like, definitely check out Mephisto collection for women.

Josef Seibel

Whether you’re looking for simple slip-on shoes or heels, you’ll find a wide variety of both over at Josef Seibel for women.

Over to You

What do you thik about these brands – Do you have any comfortable shoes you recommend?

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The Alcudia by Pikolinos

If you’re looking for a nice sandal that you can wear during the summer or even fall, consider the Alcudia by Pikolinos.

This sandal features a semi-vegetable tanned leather, strap & buckle closer, and a slight heel, which makes it perfect for just about any occasion. You can rest assured you’ll feel comfortable wearin the Alcudia because it features a gel-foam padded mid-sol.

Looking for something a little different?

Explore more Pikolinos shoes for women.

Taos Women’s Sandals Provide Easy-Going Comfort

Looking for a sandals that offer stylish easy-going attitude and comfort? Consider Taos women’s sandals your number one choice.

Women’s shoes not only have to fit well but also look good and complement the entire outfit. Whether it’s for work or play, Taos shoes come in many different styles to accommodate any situation, from shopping on a Saturday to going nonstop Monday through Friday. With sandals, boots, walking shoes and other types available, it raises the question: Which pair should you slip on today?

So Many Styles to Choose From

Taos women’s shoes don’t just come in sandals and heels alone. You can find an incredible assortment within the entire line, such as Freedom walking shoes and Crave boots. Slip on a skimmer for those lazy days, or go for cute and stylish with the Chrissy by Taos, a European sandal with enough support and cushion to make you feel on air with each step.

Taos shoes also come in numerous colors, including unique varieties such as camel stone and black pewter. You can put on mauve metallic flats for a day at the office or slip on a pair of sliver walking shoes for those casual days when you still want to stand out. Black and metallic strapped sandals, red leather wedges and stone-colored boots with prints are also available to match with any outfit.

A Truly Comfortable Fit

The available sizes and premium footbeds make Taos a more comfortable alternative to traditional women’s shoe brands. For example, the Artisan is a supportive boot with a Curves and Pods footbed for one-of-a-kind support and comfort. Many of Taos shoes have these luxurious footbeds, including the Bandana skimmer, a surprisingly light and playful shoe with suede uppers.

Sandals like the Audition feature cork footbeds for an airy, light feeling as you walk. However, the premium construction and comfortable insoles aren’t the only things that make Taos stand out from other footwear brands. You can find these shoes in most any size, even hard-to-fit or in-between sizes like 5.5 or 10.5. Whether you have small, large or flat feet, you can find a Taos shoe with plenty of style, comfort and support to get you through the day.

Practical and Dressy

Some Taos women’s shoes combine practical and dressy in one, such as the Charade, another European sandal with a Carousel footbed. The suede lining, latex padding and flexible cork footbed provide indescribable comfort while the playful colors make this shoe perfect for work or nights on the town. For boot lovers, the Shaka is a fashion-casual boot that goes well with jeans or a skirt. You can wear these boots with your business attire or a casual outfit for heading to the store.

Every Taos shoe features superb construction, and some have special details such as fine stitching, elaborate prints and distinct colors. When you slip on something like the Wanderer, a low wedge sandal, you’ll feel confident enough to wear it to work or to the cafe with friends.

Whether you enjoy wearing flats throughout the week or mixing it up day to day, Taos shoes give you the freedom to create a new style while looking and feeling great. They feature some of the finest footbeds for maximum comfort and support without skimping on those little details that make your outfit truly come together.

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